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Review by Gamer.no
August 21, 2020

Factorio is really about continuously improving your factory, and each improvements makes it a bit easier for yourself. Instead of using a god-perspective, the player is personified creating a more tense gaming experience. As technology progresses, hard tasks become trivial, but planning is getting more and more important.

Review by LEVEL (Czech Republic)
October 7, 2020

Building an automated factory has never been more fun. Create complex production lines, fight off bugs, and cooperate with friends in this well-paced sandbox adventure. Hundreds of hours of creative entertainment guaranteed.

Review by Games.cz
March 23, 2021

This is a jewel. An unbelievably clever, thought-out, detailed, balanced, fun, brilliantly designed masterpiece that really doesn’t have any drawbacks at all. If you like to build and optimize, you simply have to play Factorio.

Review by AxolotI [user]
August 15, 2020

Best game. fastest 200h in my life. Best gameplay with good perfomance. Mod is good too, some of them can't change 80% gameplay.

Review by jyf15 [user]
December 3, 2020

A masterpiece and a genre-defining (simulation & management) sandbox game; its defining power compares to SimCity. Every aspect is well knitted together and couldn't be better. Many other games can only achieve part of what Factorio does. Factorio has every object computed all the time, offering maximum customization and reality, realizes this in an addiction-inducing way, and does this with minimal PC requirements. The mod community is active and features many tweaks and some great overhauls. But Factorio does not please the player with numbers and beautiful animations, but asks the player to surpass herself, forever. The game itself offers hundreds of hours of gameplay, and with mods one can play thousands of hours. I'm happy to see if there'll be a game better than this one in the coming decade.

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Game Information

Release Date August 14, 2020
Publisher Wube Software LTD.
Total Rating 85%
Content Rated T (Teen)
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Genres Simulator, Strategy, Indie
Themes Science fiction, Survival, Sandbox
Platforms Linux, PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Nintendo Switch